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Internet Traffic – Is Finding Your Site Like Looking For a Needle in a Haystack?

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Internet traffic is the lifeblood of a website. No matter what the purpose is of any web-site – you are going to need visitors. Whether it’s getting a message across, selling a product, or providing a service, you need visitors.

Unlike the “real world” your virtual space will not attract any visitors at all “by accident” unless you are extremely lucky.

It is like looking for the proverbial “needle in a haystack”. With tens of billions of websites, you need to ask yourself “How would anyone come across mine?”

It can seem very depressing. If you work out the odds of someone finding your message by accident, well it is billions to one.

So how do websites succeed in their aim? How do you successfully get your message across? The strange thing is, it really isn’t as hard as you think.

There are many very ethical and inexpensive ways of driving or pulling traffic to your web-site.

There are choices for those new to web mastering. You see it boils down to how much automation of the traffic generation process you want to do.

Finding simple-to-master techniques that can be applied both to your site directly in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), as well as off site promotion is not as hard or expensive as you might think.

The good news is, at a very basic level all of this can be done for free. The disadvantage of the “free” way is that it can be very time consuming, and the results might also take a long time to materialise.

An equation would have “time spent” on one side of the scales and “money spent” on the other. It is up to you which side you leverage.

It is worth looking at both side of this equation though. Some very effective methods of automation are also very cost effective.

If you value your time, it might be worth checking some of these out.

Home Based Business – Set Yourself Up For Success With These 5 Steps

Many among us have contemplated having a home based business. If you have one now or in the midst of setting one up, let me share with you my personal experience and those of successful home based business owners. While at home you have the freedom to work when you want, here are 5 steps to help you ensure your success.1.      Be professional and treat your home based business like any other jobAs a professional you will not want to mix your personal life with you business, right? Most successful home business owners recommend that you equip your home business with a certain structure by setting up the following items.

An email account preferably with your own domain name or a Gmail email account which I personally find useful as a start
A separate bank account
A separate room or a dedicated space as a home office
2. Set specific work hours for your home based businessYou need to set a strict schedule that works for you and stick to it. In the course of a day, you should not take unplanned breaks just go to the store or hang out with your friends. It is critical that you set a good schedule, work during the designated work time and then you take your breaks.3. Self-discipline is key when maintaining a successful home based businessYou must commit to your goals, approach it seriously and work hard. You need to have the self-discipline to work even harder than when you are working for a company especially at the early stages. One very successful Internet marketing business owner I interviewed started by working on his business everyday from 11pm to 3am while holding a day job. Once your home business starts to yield positive results, you may take it easy a little bit and start to really enjoy the freedom of having a home based business.4. Develop good habitsOnce you decide on a schedule that works for you, take consistent action and stick to it for at least 30 continuous days. That is how long our mind and body take to adjust to a new habit or routine. I have tested this and I’m happy to report that after crossing the 30-day mark, the activity flows easily as part of my daily routine. But the key is sticking to your activity for 30 continuous days. Should you break the routine before the 30-day period is up, you have to start all over again.5. Educate yourself in marketingOnce you have created a home business, you must learn how to market your business. Fortunately today we have the Internet, one of the most effective means to reach potential customers for your home business. Learn all about advertising on the Internet, such as pay-per-click advertising on search engines like Google and Yahoo, advertising on ezines, newsletters, forums and many more. Invest in your education and soon you will reap the results.Starting and maintaining a successful home based business is challenging. But once you have created a successful one, it is well worth it. These five steps should help you along the way to achieving your dream of having a successful home business.